Developments history

, sea turtles in the Southwest Indian Ocean (SWIO) have been the subject of study and monitoring programs, which have resulted in the collection of information on their biology, ecology and behaviour.
, in order to homogenize and standardize all the data sets collected, strengthen existing collaborations, develop new ones, and facilitate large-scale information exchanges, Kelonia, CEDTM and IFREMER, in partnership with the University of Reunion Island and IRD (IREMIA and UMR Espace-Dev), joined forces to develop the "TORSOOI" database.
The database architecture was built from existing databases (Excel and Access), and adapted according to the recommendations of international experts in terms of minimum and standard formats for population monitoring and analysis of their evolution. These first developments were made possible thanks to ERDF co-funding (Europe, State, Reunion Island Regional Council).
The first version of TORSOOI was delivered . Developments have continued to evolve and improve the tool and its functionalities.

, the photo-identification software has been optimized to facilitate photo analysis. A public access to the consultation of photo-identification data from Reunion Island has been developed to allow participants in the local citizen science program to search for turtles observed during their underwater explorations (www.photoidtortue.re). These developments were made possible thanks to the financial support of the DIECCTE of the Prefecture Reunion Island.

, the DEAL of Reunion Island financed the development of queries allowing the export of data in the form of pre-formatted reports, and the revision of the management of data access rights, allowing multi-user access by partitioning data.

, as part of the National Action Plan for sea turtles in the French territories of the Indian Ocean, new developments aimed at optimizing the use of the database were undertaken in partnership with the French Biodiversity Office (OFB). The needs were defined with the support of organizations involved in monitoring sea turtle populations in Mayotte (Mayotte Departmental Council, Escale association and REMMAT). This new version of TORSOOI allows multi-user access with shared data management as part of collaborative programs.

Scientific partners and contributors:


Maintenance and animation

Maintenance of the tool in operational conditions and animation are provided by Kelonia with the support of the CEDTM.
B&B Web Expertise provides the development, hosting and maintenance of TORSOOI.

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