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What is it ?

TORSOOI is a PHP MySQL database accessible for data entry / consultation / extraction via its website (www.torsooi.com), developed with a view to standardizing field protocols and data formats (according to the recommendations of IUCN Marine Turtle Specialist Group) for the study and conservation of marine turtles.
The TORSOOI database, administered by KELONIA, aims to harmonize and secure the data collected as part of sea turtle study and monitoring programs, and thus facilitate information sharing between scientists and managers from different countries and territories through autonomous and secure data management. The objective of TORSOOI is an integral part of national, regional and international strategies for the study of the biology and conservation of these species (NAPs for marine turtles in the French Indian Ocean territories, MoU IOSEA, CMS)

Who is the tool for ?

The TORSOOI database is intended for:

  • organizations (national and international) conducting sea turtle population monitoring programs
  • managers of natural areas involved in sea turtle conservation
  • the general public wishing to be informed and contribute to citizen science programs via a tool (open access) for the photo-identification of sea turtles

What are the data ?

The database is structured in 6 modules corresponding to follow-up programs:

  • individual monitoring by tag-recapture and biometry
  • individual monitoring by photo-identification
  • monitoring of breeding populations by track counts
  • monitoring of breeding populations through nest monitoring
  • monitoring of breeding populations by monitoring the hatchlings
  • monitoring of mortalities/distresses

The database has additional tools for data extraction requests and formatted synthesis documents.

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